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Dr. Sylvia Angerer, München, Coaching für Frauen, Autorin, Coach, Speakerin
Dr. Sylvia Angerer, München, Coaching für Frauen, Autorin, Coach, Speakerin

For the woman

on her journey

to herself

What is truly beautiful?

For me it is to be fully aware of your-SELF. To have inner peace and accept 
your-SELF with all your facets. Allowing you to be real - completely liberated of conformation, comparison and the expectations of others - and to live your life exactly how you want it… 

vibrant, fulfilled & happy!

But reality is often a different kind of story:

Every day a stream of trends, ideals and informations keeps pouring down on you – how you should live, be and look.  
Others define what is right or wrong and the voice in your head is constantly saying:
“that’s how it’s supposed to be done” or “that’s what is expected”.
You keep on bending yourself, adjusting and holding back - in a constant fight against yourself.

Time to free yourself... Time to embark on the journey to yourself!
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What if the most important journey you can take is the journey to yourself.

When  the most beautiful place lies within you and the greatest adventure is your life.

My book for you:

Hinterm Spiegelbild geht’s weiter – Mach dich auf die Reise zu dir selbst


My services for you

Is it time to realign? To grant yourself, your needs and desires room in your life? In our conversations you will find orientation and new perspectives – sometimes it simply needs someone to be at your side for a part of the road.

Now you have the chance to find your way back to yourself. Create a life that is perfect for you and gives you joy!

My knowledge and my experience from the worlds of plastic surgery & medicine, personal development and spirituality allow a truly holistic approach.

My coaching is great in the context of a cosmetic surgery, too. Also in the process of decision making. Let it be a new beginning.

The package that leads you all along the line - in thinking, feeling and acting - to a life in your true beauty. Finally at peace with you, finally arriving at your place!​

If you are looking for new perspectives, want to live your femininity again or encounter new circumstances!

Do you need a short break to gain clarity and press the reset button?

A whole weekend! Super-intensive and tailored to your individual needs! In a wonderful ambience, I am completely there for you!

An online-workshop full of inspiration. A stimulating and motivating way to get in touch with yourself in a small group of women.

Bring more freedom and vibrancy into your life.

Dr. Sylvia Angerer, München, Coaching für Frauen, Autorin, Coach, Speakerin

True beauty is the harmony of the inside & outside

What do you gain

Clarity is the magical word! Namely in your thinking, feeling and acting, as those are the abilities characterizing us humans. So that nothing can make you go astray, you stay true to yourself in every aspect of life and live every day in your true beauty.


  • are more lovingly to yourself.

  • recognise the beauty & gifts of life.

  • vouch for yourself and set boundaries.

  • enjoy less functioning and more happiness.

  • stay serene no matter what happens around you.

Selbst-Bewusstsein, Frauen, Coaching, Coaching für Frauen, wahre Schönheit, authentisch sein, Selbstliebe, Ich selbst sein

With clarity in your thinking to SELF-awareness

No chaos swirling around in your head, but to clearly know who you are – as a human and a woman!


Too often, we are filled with paralyzing beliefs about ourselves. We think, for example:

  • I am not beautiful enough

  • I am not good enough

  • ... simply “not enough” in everything


We compare ourselves with others, thinking we need to look like them, live like them and have the same things as they do.

But this leads us to not living our life, but that of the others.


What a pity! Because every woman has her very own, wonderful adventure of life - the one she is perfect for!


Are you ready to live your adventure?